Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Did the Obama Campaign Promise Media Companies Bailout Money For Positive Press?

As many of you noticed the MSM has been very one sided in this election.While the NYT is interested in running three fashion stories on Sarah Palin in a day ,you haven't seen the Times go out and interview people who've worked with Tony Rezko on real estate deals(to come up with 3 stories).It appears that's not a coincidence.As America moves towards total government,has the media been promised federal bailout money by the Obama campaign behind the scenes? The NYT's debt has been downgraded to junk bond status.The Tribune Company has debt financing troubles.If banks,insurance companies,and car companies can loot the taxpayers because they'd paid off the right politicians: why shouldn't we expect the media companies to do the same? The overt bias of the media,this campaign cycle,seems much more than liberal reporters air brushing Obama's past.Has the Obama campaign promised the media companies taxpayer dollars for good coverage? Just in case you think what I written here is crackpot musings,GE the parent company of NBC,MSNBC,and CNBC is getting bailout money.A free press is only possible with the free market in goods and services which implies a healthy respect for property rights.Companies that take bailout money aren't concerned with free speech or property rights.Something to think about as freedom gets extinguished.Just how independent can a news organization be when they are on the pad of the federal government?