Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Chicago's Garbage Crews: No One Works a Full Day

Overpaid Government Worker has this gem from The Chicago Tribune:
Workers on Chicago’s garbage pick-up crews spend about two hours a day loafing on the clock, according to a report released today by the city’s inspector general.

Between May and September, investigators for Inspector General David Hoffman spied on 77 garbage truck drivers and 145 laborers in 10 wards. They reported what they called "systemic, pervasive" waste and fraud.

In 10 weeks of surveillance, they "did not see a single laborer doing a full day’s work," according to the report.

"The investigators found a remarkably consistent pattern throughout all the wards," the report said. "Although the crews were well paid to work 8 full hours a day, on average they only worked less than six hours a day."

Assuming the same work habits by employees throughout the city, the report calculates that loafing on city garbage crews costs $14.3 million a year in lost wages. Add in worker benefits and equipment, and the loss grows to more than $20 million.
You'll want to read the article just to find out how much these overpaid government workers make.This is Barack Obama's Chicago which needs reform.