Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fannie's Perilous Pursuit of Subprime Loans

The Washington Post reports:
In January 2007, as years of loose mortgage lending were about to send the nation's housing market into devastating decline, Fannie Mae chief executive Daniel H. Mudd wrote a confidential memo to his board.

Discussing the company's successes, Mudd said one of Fannie Mae's achievements in 2006 was expanding its involvement in the market for subprime and other nontraditional mortgages. He called it a step "toward optimizing our business."

A month later, Fannie Mae outlined plans to further expand its activities in the subprime market. The company recognized the already weak performance of subprime loans but predicted that they would get better in 2007, according to another Fannie Mae document.

Internal documents show that even late in the housing bubble, Fannie Mae was drawn to risky loans by a variety of temptations, including the desire to increase its market share and fulfill government quotas for the support of low-income borrowers.
This one is well worth reading.The Congressmen on Fannie's pad hope you don't notice how deeply Fannie was involved in the subprime market.Fannie figured they would make risky loans while taxpayers pick up the tab,when things went wrong.