Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Daley: Media has made cops timid

The Chicago Sun-Times reports:
Mayor Daley on Wednesday blamed his favorite whipping post — the news media — for making some Chicago police officers overly timid and less aggressive about fighting crime because they’re afraid of piling up citizen complaints.

One day after Police Supt. Jody Weis acknowledged the contradictory trends of rising crime and laid back officers, Daley wholeheartedly agreed and said he has no idea how to reverse it.
No word yet from former Chief of Detectives William Hanhardt on this.Just today, John Kass explained the legacy of Hanhardt:
William Hanhardt, the heroic chief of detectives, was once the guy to see in the department about promotions and transfers and so on, even though he wasn't technically the superintendent, and the Hanhardt culture shaped the detective division. When he was later convicted of running an Outfit-backed jewelry-heist ring, using top cops to glean information about his targets from police computers, the aldermen neglected something.

They neglected to hold a hearing to get to the bottom of things. They didn't ask any questions. Not one. Not even the mayor would condemn him, which is the Chicago Way.
For how Hanhardt rose to the top with the help of the Chicago Mob click on this.As you know,Chicago has handgun ban.Does it make sense to ban handguns when someone like Hanhardt can make it to the top and take orders from this high ranking "made member" of the Chicago Mob?