Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Rezko Convicted:Federal Investigation Operation Board Games on Roll.Will Rezko Cut Deal to Give up Blagojevich and Obama?

With Tony Rezko convicted of 16 of 24 felony counts:Operation Board Games is on a roll.Will Tony Rezko buckle and cut a deal? If Rezko doesn't cooperate with the Feds two more trials await the convicted money man.Only time will tell.Rezko is the guy that "made" Obama.Does Tony Rezko have some compromising financial dirt on Obama? With Rezko's conviction,Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich is certain to be indicted.Blagojevich's key aide Chris Kelly awaits trial.So,does former Alderman and former Cook County Democratic Chairman Ed Vyrdolak.Rezko bought more than a few Chinese dinners for Cook County Democrats.Chicago Democrats may be happy Obama is going to get the Democratic nomination but,today,they sure aren't happy with the thought of U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald breathing down their neck.Cook County Board President Todd Stroger is probably wondering right now whether having Tony Rezko's wife on the county payroll is such a good idea.Mayor Daley is probably wondering whether all those campaign contributions and favors behind the scenes for Tony Rezko are going to come into the spotlight.One interesting detail of the Rezko investigation is the gambling problem that Rezko and Chris Kelly are alleged to have.Often times big gambling in Chicago means at some level the Chicago Mob might be involved.Anyway, Blagojevich and his life long friend Dan Stefanski know something about gambling and the Chicago Mob.You,ll want to read this for a greater understanding about Chicago Democrats and the Chicago Mob.