Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Rod Blagojevich Changes His Grammar In Church to Promote Free Bus Rides For Millionaire Seniors

The Chicago Sun-Times reports:
Gov. Blagojevich sounded as if he grew up in Memphis, instead of the Northwest Side, while campaigning Sunday at a black mega-church for his plan to give free transit rides to senior citizens.

In between rhyming, dropping his g's and sprinkling in a few "ain'ts," the governor zinged Mayor Daley. The mayor has questioned Blagojevich's last-minute demand for free rides for seniors in the mass-transit funding bill.

"It's hard to be a senior citizen in Chicago these days," Blagojevich said at the House of Hope, 752 E. 114th St. "Man, it's tough. Costs are going up. The price of everything is goin' up. Mayor Daley just raised your property taxes." The crowd murmured agreement.

Blagojevich said Daley should stop raining on his proposal.

"Mayor Daley just yesterday expressed some concern that maybe the legislators won't get back down to Springfield to bail out the CTA and give seniors free rides on buses. Well, Mayor Daley shouldn't be so pessimistic. Maybe he needs to come to the House of Hope and have a little bitta hope," the governor said at the 10,000-seat stadium and house of worship built by the Rev. James Meeks, a South Side state senator and pastor of Salem Baptist Church.
White liberal politicians say the most amazing things in church.A great moment in separation of church and state.