Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Are the Feds Interested In Tony Rezko's Solid Gold Faucet in His Bathroom?

Michael Sneed of The Chicago Sun-Times reports:
Sneed hears indicted Dem fund-raiser Tony Rezko, who's now behind bars after a judge revoked his bail because of accusations he lied about his finances, may find a little extra cash in his bathroom.

• • Translation: Word is Rezko, the bigtime Blago/Obama backer who is accused of not telling the feds about a $3.5 million loan from an Iraqi-born billionaire, could scrape together some moolah by selling the solid gold faucet and fixtures he reportedly has in the first-floor bathroom of his Wilmette mansion.

• • Brag 'em: "[The gold faucet] was the talk of the party at a fund-raiser once," said a Sneed source. "When people asked if they were real, he'd say 'yeah, they're real gold,' and brag about them," said a Sneed source.
Tony Rezko, a man who likes the finer things in life.