Friday, November 09, 2007

Did Business Week Magazine Owe Chicago's Mayor Daley a Favor?

Business Week writes a giant puff piece on the ethically challenged Mayor Daley:
Daley isn't just the city's biggest cheerleader, though. For 18 years, executives say, he has made the city work. While keeping taxes tolerable, he makes sure the downtown core is clean and alive with flowers and cultural activities.
Since,Chicago still has less jobs than before the 2001 recession,we must say maybe they can't count over there at Business Week.Look who has the highest retail sales taxes of any large city in America.Those are just sales taxes.What about the recent unhappiness with sky high property taxes.Chicago has many other high taxes.We must commend the layers of editors at Business Week,they aren't too bothered by facts.Speaking of facts,according to census estimates,of America's 5 largest cities only Chicago has lost people since 2000(with a loss of 62,695).