Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Corruption at Cal-Berkeley

University of California-Berkeley is a place that's known for its hostility to free markets and property rights.When you loot the taxpayers it's understandable you'd be for big government.Look at this modern day pattern of corruption.18 incidents.I guess Enron didn't buy enough politicians.Here's a little gem on the experts on corruption:
“The University of California agreed to pay the Government $22.5 million to settle allegations that the school's five teaching hospitals routinely submitted false billings to Medicare, Medicaid and other Federally-funded health programs. The alleged false claims included upcoding, as well as billing for services purportedly performed or supervised by faculty physicians - when those services were, in fact, performed by residents with little or no supervision.”
No wonder why so many socialists want nationalized health care:it's more money to steal.