Sunday, April 01, 2007

Census Bureau Aided Internment Of Japanese, Researchers Say

The New York Sun reports on Big Brother government:
The historical dispute over the role the U.S. Census Bureau played in identifying Japanese-Americans for surveillance and internment during World War II will begin anew on Friday.

In a paper to be presented this weekend, two researchers say an assassination threat against President Franklin Roosevelt during World War II prompted the Census Bureau to compile a list of every person of Japanese descent who lived in or near Washington, D.C.

It is the first known instance in which the Census Bureau has shared an individual's information to help the surveillance efforts of another part of the government in the last 75 years, the researchers say.

A clear picture has emerged in the last decade that the Census Bureau aided the War Department in interning West Coast Japanese-Americans by providing information on the ethnic makeup of neighborhoods.
Do you think if we ever get "universal health care" ,in America, your private information will not be shared? As we've said before,socialism and privacy can't both exist.