Monday, March 12, 2007

Illinois Governor Gets Religious with Teachers Union

The Naperville Sun reports:
Trying to convert teachers into a political force behind his new business tax plan, Gov. Rod Blagojevich on Saturday fired up the Illinois Education Association for a brutal fight in the Legislature.

"It will be Armageddon, but we are on the side of the Lord and we will prevail," Blagojevich told more than 1,200 cheering delegates at the IEA's annual meeting in suburban Chicago.

Blagojevich is counting on new business taxes to fund his "Helping Kids Learn" proposal, first outlined Wednesday in his State of the State address. Without offering specifics, the Chicago Democrat told the teachers the proposal would invest $10 billion in schools over the next four years.
Could you imagine if a Republican politician said that?? Remember, this is a Democrat saying this.A big spending Democrat, who wants more money to promote socialist health care and more money for public education.Still no word on why Blagojevich doesn't send his kids to public schools.