Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Pay exceeds $140,000 for hundreds of Mass. troopers

The Boston Globe reports:
Nearly one in 10 Massachusetts State Police officers made more than the governor last year, with 225 officers topping the $140,535 annual salary of the state's chief executive.

Four of the 2,338 state troopers were paid more than $200,000, and 123 others were paid more than $150,000, the salary of the governor's Cabinet secretaries, according to payroll information obtained by the Globe under the state public records law.

The salaries include regular pay, overtime, and State Police detail pay at roadwork sites. Last year, 60 State Police officers earned more than $40,000 working details. Massachusetts is the only state to automatically assign state and local police officers to nearly all road and utility work sites, instead of less expensive civilian flag persons.

The pay totals do not include money earned by officers working construction details paid for by the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority and the Massachusetts Port Authority. Since those are substantial additional sources of income for many State Police troopers, it is likely that many more officers' pay topped $150,000 last year.
They sure are special aren't they? Now you see why government workers vote and contribute to politicians:so they can be massively overpaid.Couldn't the declining state of Massachusetts get troopers to work for a lot cheaper?