Friday, January 26, 2007

John Edwards Proves The John Kerry Tradition Of Hypocracy Lives On

The Carolina Journal reports:
Presidential candidate John Edwards and his family recently moved into what county tax officials say is the most valuable home in Orange County. The house, which includes a recreational building attached to the main living quarters, also is probably the largest in the county.

The Edwards residential property will likely have the highest tax value in the county,- Orange County Tax Assessor John Smith told Carolina Journal. He estimated that the tax value will exceed $6 million when the facility is completed.

The rambling structure sits in the middle of a 102-acre estate on Old Greensboro Road west of Chapel Hill. The heavily wooded site and winding driveway ensure that the home is not visible from the road. "No Trespassing" signs discourage passersby from venturing past the gate.
John Kerry was married to one of the richest people in the country,and John Edwards was a good ideological pick.No word yet on Edwards or Kerry voluntarily paying more in taxes to bridge the "gap" between the two Americas.Who ever said socialism was a movement of the downtrodden?