Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Rahm Emanuel Fails To Answer Daley Patronage Army Questions

John Kass reports on Rahm Emanuel's refusal to answer questions about his connection to convicted Daley operative Donald Tomczak:
And all I wanted to know from political operative Emanuel was this: Who sent Tomczak's army?


Yes, was it Mayor Daley? Or Billy Daley, or [mayoral brain] Tim Degnan? Who?

"I don't know."

Of course you do.

"That's your question?"

Yes, that's the question, I said.

"No, that's your question," Emanuel said, repeatedly declining to answer. "That isn't `the' question. That's `a' question, it's your question, not my question."

If he's more than (D-Tomczak), it's quite possible that he's (D-Philosopher).
It's amazing, Mr. Hands on Details doesn't know about his own campaign.The Justice Department probably wants to know about the Roti connection and Rahm Emanuel.Here's quote from the Chicago Sun-Times:
Katalinic's political army had 300 city workers, including four Roti relatives, who volunteered to help elect various political candidates, including Rep. Rahm Emanuel. Katalinic asked the mayor's office to reward some of the workers with jobs and promotions.

Besides Sabbia, the other Roti relatives in Katalinic's political army were three cousins -- Bruno A. Bertucci, Bruno Thome and Ralph Vari, the Sun-Times found by examining court records in the Sorich trial. The Roti relatives could not be reached for comment.

The Roti family has had ties to City Hall, organized labor and the mob for three generations, dating back to the late Bruno Roti Sr., an Italian immigrant identified by the FBI as a mob boss and an associate of Al Capone. Roti's late son, Fred, was a powerful Chicago alderman who went to prison for taking bribes.

Filled ranks of Streets and San Roti family members have been on the City Hall payroll for years, often working in the Streets and Sanitation Department.

Sabbia, the son of a retired Chicago police officer, got hired by the city as a truck driver in 1980. His annual salary was $53,872.
Rahm Emanuel has the right to remain silent.