Tuesday, July 25, 2006

3600 California Prison Guards Make Over 100K a Year

The American Thinker reports:
Is any prison guard worth $200,000 a year? According to the San Francisco Chronicle,

Jose Chacon, a lieutenant in the state prison system, earned $228,971 in 2005

He has plenty of company among state employees.

77 state employees earned at least $200,000—including overtime and other payments—a 60 percent jump from 2004, according to payroll records obtained from the state controller (excluding employees in the state university systems and the Legislature)[....]

If you lower the threshold to a mere 100k, you find that the state is paying an enormous number of employees this much.

More than 3,600 prison guards earned more than $100,000 last year
Here's a link to the Chronicle article.Just a reminder, the 77 state employees are paid more than the Governor.
"That's more than the governor makes,'' said Ron Roach, a spokesman for the California Taxpayers' Association, noting that the governor's annual salary is $175,000, though Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger waives the payment. "I think the taxpayers should be concerned that there are people who are earning such incredible amounts of money."
It's probably not a good idea for government workers to have the right to vote.How else could they be so overpaid for their "skills" unless they bought politicians with campaign contributions?