Friday, June 02, 2006

The Chicago Mob's Long-Term Control of Chicago Politics

Defense Attorney Robert Cooley has written an important book on the Chicago Outfit's control of the city of Chicago.Anyone who hasn't read this book doesn't know how a town like Chicago really is a banana republic.Cooley wore a wire and got close to two made members of the Chicago Outfit,First Ward Alderman Fred Roti and Democratic Secretary Pat Marcy.This post will give a few extracts from this book.

On page 116 of Cooley's book, Cooley describes how Roti issued a threat to then Mayor Jane Byrne if she wouldn't fire honest cop Joe DiLeonardi and promote the Chicago Mob's favorite corrupt cop William Hanhardt :
According to Roti,he issued an ultimatum to Her Honor:either she got rid of DiLeonardi,or the municipal unions would shut down the city during the upcoming contract negotiations.Just as the Mob thought she would,Jane Byrne buckled.
and William Hanhardt did get hired,pages 116-117:
One of the first things Hanhardt did as deputy chief was to order the vice detectives to get their search warrants approved by their supervisors.These officers then reported to Hanhardt.This meant that Hanhardt knew the addresses of all the bookie joints they were going to raid .He then tipped off the bookies so that nothing would be in their offices when the police arrived.
Who became the "FBI's liaison with the Chicago Police Department"? None other than William Hanhardt(page 117).

It appears the the two powerful Chicago Outfit Democrats Alderman Roti and Pat Marcy didn't like Jews.(page 297).

Cooley talks about powerful Alderman Ed Burke who runs Chicago's Finance Committe and slates the judges in Cook County.(page 304)
A couple of years after I left Chicago,the FBI had me fly in to Milwaukee to help develop a case on Ed Burke.
and see how Cooley quotes Burke on (page 162) describing black people.

This is one the greatest books ever written on Chicago.With the Mob's stranglehold on Chicago,even in 2006 the book still has great relevance.