Tuesday, May 16, 2006

American Socialist Leader Says College Degree Isn't Worth It

Barbara Ehrenreich of the Democratic Socialists of America says college may not be such a good deal for many:
It's too soon to call college a scam, and as long as they teach a few truly enlightening things, like history and number theory, I won't. But with tuition up between $10,000 and $40,000, the "“return on investment" isn'’t looking that good. In fact, a BA may be worth about as much as my new "“honorary doctorate:" With these degrees and about $2, you can get a ride on a bus.

Looking at the thousands of happy - and in many cases, soon to be disappointed -young faces at the UConn graduation, I couldn't help wondering whether the real economic function of higher education isn't to keep the unemployment figures low. About 30 percent of young people in the 18-23 year old age group are in college; imagine what the unemployment rate would look like if they were all dumped into the workforce overnight.
How ironic,a socialist like Barbara Ehrenreich has always encouraged government subsidized education.With tuitions rather high,because of government subsidy,Comrade Ehrenreich doesn't like the result.