Friday, May 26, 2006

Al Gore the Scientific Expert

Dan Gainor and Amy Menefee report on the MSM's love of Al Gore:
Gore is an ironic pitchman for science accuracy. Though he got an undergraduate degree in government and dropped out of two graduate programs (in law and divinity), Gore has become a "teacher" on the subject of climate change. The Washington Post reported in a March 19, 2000, article titled "Gore's Grades Belie Image of Studiousness" that Gore earned a D and a C-plus in "natural sciences" at Harvard.

That didn't stop Gore from complaining about respected scientists during his "Today" appearance. "There's really not a debate. The debate is over. The scientific community has reached as strong a consensus as you will ever find in science. There are a few oil companies and coal companies that spend millions of dollars a year to put these pseudo-scientists out there pretending there is a debate
," complained Gore.
Pseudo-scientists? Al Gore knows something about that.