Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Census Survey: Some Say Questions Go Too Far

KSBW reports:
There is controversy surrounding a government agency and what it wants to know about you.

The agency is the U.S. Census Bureau.

Each year it sends out its American Community Survey. One in every 40 American households will receive it, but some say the Census Bureau is going too far in what it asks, while using heavy handed tactics to get you to fill it out.

The survey asks who lives in your home, how much you earn, the amount of your mortgage or rent, even what time you leave for work.

Cindy Baldwin said she filled out the survey, fearing the government would come after her if she didn't. And she was right. There is a legal obligation to respond. Anyone who refuses could be fined up to $100 and the Census Bureau will follow up with a phone call to their home. There could even be a knock at the door to get the answers. Those giving false information could be fined up to $500.
Big Brother needs data,accurate data to plan your life.