Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Cal. Legislators collect an unearned salary hike

The L.A.Daily News reports on the "special class":
In most lines of work, salary bears some connection to the employee's value. Hard-working, productive workers are generously compensated; slackers aren't. Pay raises are tied to performance.

Not so for California's lawmakers.

On Monday, 103 of the state's 120 senators and Assembly members gladly accepted a 12 percent pay hike. That brings their base salary to $110,880 a year - more than what legislators get in any other state. (New York's politicos, by comparison, are paid just $79,500 a year.)

Now, what exactly did our legislators do to earn their padded paychecks? Did they fix the state's structural budget deficit? Did they repair its crumbling infrastructure? Did they dramatically improve the quality of its failing public schools?

No, no and no.
Did you get a 12% pay hike this year? Rent-seeking at its best.