Sunday, December 11, 2005

As papers stumble, Times’ numbers are the worst read

The Boston Herald reports on the difficult times at the New York Times.The stock :
Until 18 months ago, it was merely disappointing. Since then, it’s been a calamity.
It’s down by more than 40 percent since the summer and a third this year.
All newspaper stocks are suffering. But according to an analysis by Lehman Brothers, the investment bank, the Times has been the worst among the major publishers. And when measured against earnings, sales or cash flow, it has about the lowest rating.
And this despite the Times’ heroic and costly attempts to prop up its share price through buybacks. A close reading of company filings shows that over the past five years the Times has spent $1.88 billion buying back stock. At current prices it has lost $640 million on those trades.

Here's a look at the daily chart.Is heredity transmission of the CEO position the best thing for a NYSE listed firm?