Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Chicago losing more population than Detriot

Detriot has been described by many as representing the extreme in urban decline.Detriot has lost half of its' population since the 1950's.With its' continual loss of population the last couple of years, Detriot is no longer in American's top ten largest cities.With the new census estimates out,and the lack of media attention,few are talking about Chicago's bigger population loss than Detriot.From July,2002 to July,2004 Chicago lost more population than Detriot.Chicago lost 24,390 vs.Detriot's 22,529 U.S.Census Bureau. We haven't seen the media attention on this one.Detriot's Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is described as a corrupt Mayor who's leading Detriot to decline.While Mayor Daley is portrayed as leading a somewhat corrupt administration, but at the forefront of urban renewal.Some have even praised Daley with more extreme gusto.Here's Robert Novak's take on Mayor Daley:
I was honored to be on a panel for the recent University of Illinois-Chicago forum commemorating the 50th anniversary of Richard J. Daley's first inauguration as mayor. His children venerate their father, but the family thinks Richie Daley may have exceeded Dick Daley in becoming America's most successful mayor. He has surpassed his father in winning support from blacks, businessmen and even Republicans in rebuilding his city. The Cook County Democratic machine is a shadow of its former self, and the current mayor has not followed his father's footsteps as a state and national power broker. But Democrats nationwide might well consider the occupant of Chicago's City Hall as a model.
The national economy grew from July 2002 to July 2004 but Chicago lost more population than Detriot.It appears Joel Kotkin is right,these old central cities really aren't making a comeback,and Mayor Daley should be treated with the same respect Kwame Kilpatrick gets.