Friday, July 29, 2005

Polygamy and Terrorism

William Tucker dares to write about some things the MSM would prefer to not talk about.Does polygamy lead to terriorism?:
Polygamy is still practiced widely in West Africa, where leading men sometimes take as many as 30-50 wives. This leaves a huge residue of unattached men. It is probably the principle reason why so many African countries are beset by “revolutionary armies” living in the bush and raiding rural villages to steal women.

By the fifth century B.C., most of the world’s major religions had been established and had rejected polygamy as part of their social contract. When the Prophet Mohammad founded Islam in the seventh century, however, he inherited the polygamy that was still being practiced by desert herding tribes. Although Mohammed limited each man to four wives and required that he treat them equally, he did not abolish polygamy. That decision has had a tremendous impact on history.

The prohibition against more than four wives was not always honored anyway and the “Sultan’s harem” became a staple of Muslim culture. The counterpoint has been the large populations of unattached warlike men that populate Islamic history
The American Enterprise