Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Why Didn't Alderman Ed Burke Sue The Publisher Of A Book That Accused Him of Using The 'N' Word ?

Why didn't powerful Chicago Alderman Ed Burke sue the publisher of this book or FBI superstar informant Robert Cooley for quoting him on page 162 of this book? Cooley quotes Chicago Mob linked Alderman Ed Burke concerning the vicious murder of a African-American resident of Chicago by a Chicago Police officer related to Angelo "The Hook" LaPietra. Here's Alderman Ed Burke's take on the situation:
"It's only a fucking nigger"
You'll want to buy the book to learn how Alderman Burke tried to fix a murder trial with a judge he slated. No word yet on this story from Alderman Ed Burke's "errand boy" Illinois Governor Pat Quinn who's taken a whole lot of money from Burke. No word yet from actor Mark Wahlberg or Paramount on who if anyone will play Alderman Ed Burke in the upcoming movie of the book.