Wednesday, September 28, 2016

White House to veto Obamacare mandate exemption bill

RT reports:
President Barack Obama is set to veto a Republican-passed bill that gives people an exemption from penalties if they purchase health insurance through Obamacare co-ops, but then lose their plan because the co-op failed.

"These options are available to all consumers in these circumstances, not just those enrolled in coverage through co-ops," said the Office of Management and Budget on Tuesday, which issued a statement on the White House’s stance on the veto, and argued the measure was unnecessary.

The bill, sponsored by Rep. Adrian Smith (R-Nebraska) “would create a bad precedent for using exemptions from the individual-responsibility provision to address unrelated concerns about the Affordable Care Act,” the White House said.
The Obama regime's cartellized health insurance scheme doesn't want captive consumers to stop paying for overpriced health insurance.