Friday, February 26, 2016

Marco Rubio Unloads On Donald Trump In His Best Debate Yet

The Huffington Post reports:
Rubio brought up Trump's comments in support of the individual mandate in Obamacare, and said Trump had no real plan to replace it. He referenced the fraud charges against Trump University, the now-defunct for-profit college. And as he called for Trump to release his tax returns -- something the mogul said he would love to do but couldn't because he was being audited -- Rubio upped the ante by saying he'll release his own tax returns within days.

The senator made his toughest attacks over immigration, which made up a significant portion of the debate. His main focus was on Trump hiring foreign workers, including undocumented immigrants.

"If he builds the wall the way he built Trump Towers, he'll be using illegal immigrant labor to do it," Rubio said of Trump, referring to Trump's proposal to build a border wall along the border with Mexico.

Rubio was referring to a 1983 lawsuit over Trump's use of undocumented immigrant workers from Poland to build Trump Towers. Trump claimed he didn't know they were unauthorized to work, which lawyers from the other side disputed.

It seemed to get under Trump's skin that Rubio continued bringing up the matter.

"Such a cute soundbite," Trump said.
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