Saturday, December 14, 2013

How Cook County lost track of hundreds of convicts: Some have gone on to commit more crimes

The Chicago Tribune reports:
The Cook County probation department has lost track of hundreds of convicts, overlooked new crimes committed by offenders and failed to rein in those who violated curfew or used illegal drugs -- some who went on to rape or kill, a Tribune investigation found.

At a time when county officials have argued for more people to be redirected from jail cells to programs such as probation, the Tribune has found a dysfunctional department that has fallen short of its mission of instilling responsibility in offenders and creating safer neighborhoods.
But, government is ready to run your health insurance! Nothing inspires confidence in government like the Cook County probation department or Cook County's most infamous politician Barack Obama. No word yet on this story from "progressives" who believe that police officials should have a monopoly on gun ownership to keep everyone safe.