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How to Stop WhatsApp From Giving Facebook Your Phone Number


California school test scores: Amid gains in English and math, ethnic gap widens

The San Jose Mercury News

Clinton: Trump is taking hate groups mainstream

Bay Area housing costs prompt high school students to make 70-mile commutes

The San Jose Mercury reports:
Three hours before her 8 a.m. classes begin, senior Mya Shiloh is already on her way to San Jose's Lincoln High, nestled into her favorite seat on the morning's first ACE commuter train and trying to grab a few winks after waking up at 4 a.m. at her home in Tracy.

She'll be back on the train by 3:30 p.m., and home more than 12 hours after she left. Her schedule cuts into activities she loves, including school clubs and drama, as well as socializing and sleep -- but it's the price she's chosen to pay to stay in her beloved high school after rent hikes priced her family out of San Jose.

Mya, 17, is among thousands of schoolchildren who have been uprooted by the Bay Area's high housing costs, and one of a small but growing number who embark on long daily commutes this month as they go back to school.
Blue America's scheme to limit the supply of housing for regular folks in action.

New Zika infections, top killer in US, older but happier

Bay Area summer: What happened to the heat?

The San Jose Mercury News

Consumers in 17 States Face Double-Digit Rate Hikes Under Obamacare

The Daily Caller

Trump: 'Hillary Clinton Is a Bigot'

NBC News reports:
Donald Trump has spent the week calling for African-Americans to uproot voter trends, reject "the bigotry" of Hillary Clinton, and vote for him in November. But Wednesday night, Trump escalated the line of attack and labeled Clinton herself a "bigot."

"Hillary Clinton is a bigot who sees people of color only as votes, not as human beings worthy of a better future," Trump said, reading from prepared remarks.

Unlike past lines that have drawn scrutiny, including Monday's comments in Ohio about African Americans not being able to walk the street without being shot, this one was not a Trump ad-lib.

In prior days, the riff - which has become an embedded part of his new appeal to minority voters - was delivered as a variation of asking voters to "reject the bigotry of Hillary Clinton" for what Trump called pandering and condescension to communities of color.
Why did Hillary send Chelsea to private schools??

Flashback: Hillary Clinton calls former KKK Leader her 'mentor and friend' (Robert Byrd)

Big Brother is hovering above Baltimore spying on everyone

The New York Post

Bloomberg, Harvard launch $32 million project to train mayors. The former New York City mayor city leaders face a growing range of responsibilities but are rarely given the chance to learn from experts .

Crain's New York reports:
Harvard University says it's partnering with business titan Michael Bloomberg to provide leadership training to mayors across the U.S.

The former New York City mayor is donating $32 million to start the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative, which aims to train up to 300 mayors over the next four years.
How could Mayors even get by without being "trained" by Bloomberg money?

Mylan CEO blames 'the system' for gouged prices on EpiPens

Alcohol Prohibition Was a Dress Rehearsal for the War on Drugs

Rush Limbaugh on lesbian farmer story: Why aren't people mad at the Free Beacon?

Muslim intern refuses to remove headscarf, German mayor fires her on 1st day

RT reports:
The mayor of a German town fired a Muslim intern on her first day of work because she refused to take off her headscarf, local media reported.

The 48-year-old woman had been hired for a project called 'Perspectives for Refugees' in the eastern town of Luckenwalde, Brandeburg, according to local paper Märkische Allgemeine. She was scheduled to work for six weeks.

However, the woman’s assignment with the town hall ended long before the scheduled date. In fact, she was fired on her very first day of work after refusing to remove a headscarf when asked, saying she did not want to do so in the presence of men.

Mayor Elisabeth Herzog-von der Heide wasted no time in firing the Palestinian woman, stating that wearing a headscarf violated the religious neutrality of town hall.

“The Islamic headscarf is a means of expressing a religious worldview,” Herzog-von der Heide told German media on Wednesday, as quoted by The Local.

She admitted that the town hall should have asked the woman about her position on removing headscarves prior to hiring her, and vowed that it would do so in the future.

The abrupt sacking was criticized by Sven Petke, a representative in the state parliament from Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party.
A Mayor who sends a message.

Will Trump accuse Hillary of being a racist for sending Chelsea to private schools to avoid brown children? @realDonaldTrump #2016

Dwayne Johnson tops list of world's highest-paid actors after taking home $64m last year... $20m MORE than female counterpart Jennifer Lawrence

The Daily Mail

This Princeton health economist thinks Obamacare’s marketplaces are doomed


Republicans confident in strong early-voting ground game for Trump

The Hill reports:
The Republican National Committee (RNC) is voicing confidence that it is well prepared for early voting thanks to the fruits of an increased investment in its data and ground game.

The party found itself disadvantaged last cycle, as President Obama’s massive field operation helped to secure his reelection.

It faces a new challenge this cycle, though, as Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s lack of organizational investment is forcing the RNC to serve as his A-team on the ground.

RNC officials believe they are ready for the challenge, arguing massive improvements have been made over the past four years.

“Our analytic and data capacity is so far above where we've ever been at this point in time,” a senior RNC aide told The Hill.

“In 2013, the chairman really wanted to make sure we upped our game, and this was one of the byproducts — making sure we had this advanced analytics program to do predictive modeling and answer the question: Where do we stand?”

Prepare your kids to pledge Mexican flag . Court fight erupts when girl resists school's 'petty tyranny' .

WND reports:
The U.S. Supreme Court in 1943 ruled that schools cannot force students to participate in the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance to Old Glory.

The justices affirmed a lower court’s decision that said: “The salute to the flag is an expression of the homage of the soul. To force it upon one who has conscientious scruples against giving it, is petty tyranny unworthy of the spirit of this Republic and forbidden, we think, by the fundamental law.”

But the justices apparently forgot to say, too, that schools couldn’t demand students pledge allegiance to any other country’s flag, and that failure has led to a lawsuit over a Texas school’s actions being brought before the full panel of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

At issue is the punishment by the school, the Achieve Early College High School in McAllen, Texas, of Brenda Brinsdon, then a 15-year-old sophomore, several years ago.

She declined to pledge allegiance to the Mexican flag when her Spanish instructor demanded it of her.

You might want to take your kid out of the government schools.

With new climate legislation, Gov. Brown gets even with the oil industry

The L.A. Times

Federal Deficits Explode — Is Anyone Paying Attention?


Leisure time is scandal — for a Republican

The New York Post

ObamaCare's Nasty Surprise for Seniors


WikiLeaks' Assange Warns Clinton Campaign: More Game-Changing Emails Loom


Pittsburgh alone has more MRI machines than all of Canada.

BC Living

Assange: WikiLeaks to release 'significant' Clinton material

What Was Hillary Clinton's Previous Job? - "Being Bill Clinton's Wife" Hahaha!

In the Race for Registered Voters, Republicans Are Gaining

The New York Times

ABC, CBS Censor Link Between Democrat Senator Manchin and EpiPen Price-Hike Outrage Despite 18 Mins of Coverage

The Target boycott is costing more than anyone expected

The Business Insider

How Hillary Clinton crushed another rally in biotech


Derivatives users hit as negative rates raise collateral costs

The Globe and Mail reports:
Derivatives users are the latest group to be hurt by negative interest rates as they get penalized for the cash they park at Europe’s biggest clearinghouses. Traders can thank European Central Bank president Mario Draghi.

Futures and swaps are used to hedge or speculate on everything from German interest rates to oil prices. To avoid taking a loss if a counterparty to a trade defaults, they post collateral, such as government bonds or cash, at a clearinghouse. In Europe, the biggest ones are in Frankfurt and London. But with German and British debt yields so low, or even negative, clearinghouse customers are sometimes losing money on those assets.

Europe’s big clearing firms are operated by the likes of Deutsche Boerse AG, Intercontinental Exchange Inc. and LCH, which is majority owned by London Stock Exchange Group PLC. To varying degrees, they have customers who lose money on euro collateral, whereas they used to receive a return. Two-year German debt yields minus 0.64 per cent. An important benchmark known as Eonia, the euro overnight index average, is at minus 0.34 per cent.

While the costs don’t so far seem to be impeding trading or collateral holdings, they’re a sign that monetary policy may be reaching its limits, as central bankers such as Mr. Draghi have reduced interest rates and bought up vast amount of assets to try to boost weak economic growth. The unusual costs to hold cash at clearinghouses suggest the measures are starting to have unintended consequences.

“It’s gotten to the extent that you’re seeing negative reactions,” said Gregor Macintosh, chief investment officer macro and fixed income at Lombard Odier Investment Managers in Geneva. “The expansion of these easing programs risks enhancing the negative feedback loop. As returns from investment are further suppressed, in turn it’s further reducing the incentive to invest.”
Artificially low interest rates do have consequences.

Minimum wage effect? DC restaurants lost more jobs since January than any 6-month period since 2001 recession

Professor won’t discuss Trump in class; says he’s so bad, it ‘would be a disservice to students’

Bizpac Review

No Pop: Free Beacon Special Report reveals Hillary Clinton's pickle-jar opening was a FRAUD

Illinois Obamacare rates could soar as state submits insurance premium increases to feds

The Chicago Tribune reports:
Illinois consumers are one step closer to facing sky-high increases for individual health insurance plans purchased through the Affordable Care Act's marketplace.

The Illinois Department of Insurance said Wednesday it has submitted rate increases to the federal government that for some types of plans average 43 percent to 55 percent.

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services will decide rates. But the numbers released Wednesday confirm the fears of consumers, who've already watched a number of insurance companies withdraw from the Obamacare exchange because of financial losses, limiting choices as people prepare to enroll for 2017.

Rates could increase by an average of 44 percent for the lowest-priced bronze plans, 45 percent for the lowest-priced silver plans and 55 percent for the lowest-priced gold plans, according to a preliminary analysis released by the state Wednesday.
No word yet from Barack Obama on this story. After all, Obama promised cheaper, better health care plans. He lied.

Watchdog: Clinton finance director was 'middle' man between foundation, State

Fox News

Healthcare is no Longer Affordable

Bill Sardi reports:
The cost of healthcare in the U.S. is on an unsustainable trajectory. A report published in 2014 said, “economists predict in less than 3 years it will require 50% of the average U.S. household income to pay the costs of out-of-pocket expenses and health insurance for a family.” [Annals Family Medicine March 2012]

It is unforeseeable how insurance pools can sustain cancer treatment under the current treatment versus preventive paradigm.
This is what Barack Obama calls better health care.

Jorge Ramos (Democrat-Hillary Clinton) : Judgment Day Is Coming For Those Who Stay Silent on Donald Trump

Time has an article from Clinton operative with byline Jorge Ramos:
It doesn’t matter who you are—a journalist, a politician or a voter—we’ll all be judged by how we responded to Donald Trump. Like it or not, this election is a plebiscite on the most divisive, polarizing and disrupting figure in American politics in decades. And neutrality is not an option.

The day after the election will be too late. It was too late when we realized that there were no weapons of mass destruction after the invasion of Iraq in 2003. That horrible error of judgment by the Bush administration—and the lack of strength by those opposing the war—cost thousands of American and Iraqi lives. And nobody can even say that we won the war. But hopefully we can learn something from it.
No word yet on whether Jorge's daughter, who works for the Clinton campaign, directed to op-ed piece.

Step away from Facebook! Hilarious (and ridiculous) status fails that people wish they could have deleted sweep the internet

The Daily Mail

Unhappy Muslims in America: Baltimore County schools to continue study of religious holiday issue

The Baltimore Sun reports:
Despite rejecting a move to close schools on certain Muslim holidays, Baltimore County school board members said they aren't dropping the issue.

The decision to continue examining when schools should close for religious holidays came after a contentious meeting at which the board voted 6-5 not to grant the holiday closures requested by members of the Muslim community.

Before they voted, board members heard lengthy and emotional commentary from supporters and opponents of Muslim holidays in county public schools.

Muslim leaders were stung by the defeat of a decades-long effort to have their holy days recognized on the school calendar. They denounced the vote and predicted that it would further marginalize Muslim students.

"This smells of bigotry and discrimination," said Muhammed Jameel, president of the Islamic Society of Baltimore, which has 30,000 congregants in the area.

Muslim parents wanted the school board to close school on two Islamic holy days, Eid al-Adha and Eid al-Fitr, when they fall on school days. It is rare that both holidays fall on a school day in one year. The board scheduled one of its professional development days for teachers on Sept. 11, which coincides with Eid-al-Adha this year, so all students have the day off.
Muslims in Christian America dealing with being a minority.

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