Sunday, August 30, 2015

Politicians show sports teams the money on stadiums

The Hill

Even in college, Donald Trump was brash

The Boston Globe on the guy who punched his music teacher.

Germany struggling to house asylum-seekers

The New York Post

Washington State University: Saying 'illegal' could cost you your grades

Fox News

The Highest Earners Didn't Go To Fancy Colleges

Fast Compnay

Jeff Berkowitz Interviews Dan Proft

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Step inside a restaurant where no one takes your order or serves you


Activists jolt the Fed's mountain getaway


Mystery Of The Bones: Geronimo's Missing Skull


Pink Floyd's David Gilmour: 'How I got involved with the inspiring Liberty Choir'

The Independent

Deep in minority, Dems look to redistricting for hope

The Hill reports:
Facing long odds at retaking the House, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and House Democrats are pushing hard for redistricting reform as a potential route back into control of the lower chamber.

The legislation is not new –– many Democrats, including Pelosi, have been advocating for independent redistricting panels for at least a decade –– nor is it going anywhere in a Congress led by Republicans who are benefitting handsomely under the current process.
The odds.

'On Point' with Gov. Sarah Palin & Donald Trump

Baby, We Won’t Drive Our Cars: The Future Of Automotive Transportation

Tech Crunch

Iowa Poll: Clinton leads, but Sanders draws near

Des Moines Register reports:
Liberal revolutionary Bernie Sanders, riding an updraft of insurgent passion in Iowa, has closed to within 7 points of Hillary Clinton in the Democratic presidential race.

She's the first choice of 37 percent of likely Democratic caucusgoers; he's the pick for 30 percent, according to a new Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Politics Iowa Poll.

But Clinton has lost a third of her supporters since May, a trajectory that if sustained puts her at risk of losing again in Iowa, the initial crucible in the presidential nominating contest.

This is the first time Clinton, the former secretary of state and longtime presumptive front-runner, has dropped below the 50 percent mark in four polls conducted by the Register and Bloomberg Politics this year.
Look at what lengths the establishment will go to in hiding Comrade Sanders' socialist label.

When Stocks Drop, California Suffers

New Geography reports the danger of relying on progressive taxation for state budgets:
California goes through these repeating cycles like a bad dream. Asset prices increase. California’s revenues increase. Sacramento spends that windfall as if asset prices will continue to rise forever. Worse, legislators commit to future spending as if the boom will continue forever.

Of course, booms don’t go on forever. Inevitably, prices fall. The gains that drive California’s revenue turn into losses, and California faces yet another budget crisis. Sacramento responds by raising taxes on the wealthy, and increasing the state’s reliance on the few wealthy. This pretty much guarantees that the problem will be even worse in the next cycle.

It’s a self-reinforcing boom and bust cycle of ever increasing revenue volatility.

It’s amazing to me that California’s leadership continues to do this, and that Californians allow it. It can only be possible because so few Californians understand the state’s finances. The people who responded to me are relatively well informed; far better informed than most Californians. Yet, even they don’t know how California’s revenues work.

It appears that California’s susceptibility to asset volatility is California’s best kept secret. That needs to change.
There's more:
A decline in asset prices would have a detrimental impact on California’s budget because California’s tax system is extraordinarily progressive, with the result that a few really wealthy people pay a huge proportion of California’s taxes. California’s Legislative Analyst’s Office has estimated that the top one percent of California’s population paid half of the state’s income taxes in 2012. Income taxes are California’s major revenue source, comprising about 65 percent of the state’s income.
An article well worth your time.

Hollywood's new high-stakes negotiating tool: Twitter

The L.A. Times

Apple's Tim Cook Likes Big Brother Government. Steve Jobs famously disdained D.C. Tim Cook’s quietly taking it on.

Politico reports:
As Apple chief Tim Cook quietly slipped out of a public meeting at the White House for a private lunch with Eric Holder in December 2013, the attorney general braced himself for a rough encounter. His Justice Department had sued Apple more than a year earlier, after all, for the way that the company priced its e-books, touching off a bruising legal war between the two. And this time Apple seemed even more apoplectic. It was seething over a flurry of reports that the NSA had quietly cracked its servers and gained access to untold millions of its customers’ personal communications.

Cook and Holder hotly debated security and privacy during their first-ever meeting on that freezing December day, but the attorney general said he sat across a much different leader than he had expected. “We found we had a mutual Alabama connection,” Holder recently explained in an interview. The sister of Holder’s wife had helped desegregate the University of Alabama, and Cook, a gay man born and raised in the South, knew firsthand the impact of discrimination.

Is Apple entering the rent-seeking era of their business? It appears so.

The McLaughlin Group 8/28/15

Angry parents sending death threats on social media to their children's teachers, shock survey reveals

The New York Daily News reports:
Parents are sending death threats to their children's teachers on social media, a shock new survey has revealed.

Three out of four teachers in in the U.K. have said parents’ behavior toward them has become more obnoxious in the last five years.

The poll of 796 teachers in England and Wales also revealed that the parents of younger pupils tend to be more verbally aggressive to teachers.

And teachers have been subjected to nasty comments about their appearance, weight and sexuality — as well as having their teaching ability called into question.

Teachers said parents’ use of social media was making the problem worse, with one teacher in Cumbria, England, saying she received late-night threats.

Nassim Taleb's Fund Made $1 Billion On Monday; This Is How The Other "Hedge" Funds Did

Zerohedge reports:
You can't say Nassim Taleb didn't warn you: the outspoken academic-philosopher, best known for his prediction that six sigma "fat tail", or black swan, events happen much more frequently than they should statistically (perhaps a main reason why there is no longer a market but a centrally-planned cesspool of academic intervention) just had a black swan land smack in the middle of the Universa hedge fund founded by ardent Ron Paul supporter Mark Spitznagel, and affiliated with Nassim Taleb.

The result: a $1 billion payday, translating into a 20% YTD return, in a week when the VIX exploded from the teens to over 50, and which most other hedge funds would love to forget.
You've been warned.

Everything We Know About Adele's Long-Awaited New Album


The Bizzare Rituals of the Skull and Bones Society

Latin music academy protests Trump's immigration proposals

The Boston Herald reports:
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is drawing protests from another Latino organization — this time, one based in the music industry.

The organization that runs the Latin Grammys and promotes the genre around the world, the Latin Recording Academy, says that "Trump needs a respectful reminder" of the "countless contributions Latinos make to American culture."
Some people don't want to be respectful of American immigration law.

The Central Bankers’ Malodorous War On Savers

David Stockman

Whoops: DNC website honors the wrong veterans

The Chicago Sun-Times

Obama dodges Jewish leaders' concerns over admin's language

The Washington Examiner reports:
In a webcast with Jewish groups Friday, President Obama dodged concerns that the campaign to defend his nuclear deal with Iran is flirting with anti-Semitic stereotypes.

Citing "appalling" attacks by fellow Jews against Rep. Jerrold Nadler, a New York Democrat who came out in favor of the deal a week ago, Obama challenged the idea that supporters had engaged in equivalent rhetoric, saying the attack on Nadler "is the kind of stuff that people have to be deeply concerned about."

He also said everyone should keep in mind that "we're all pro-Israel."

But he did not condemn, nor did he mention, that Sen. Chuck Schumer also has been subjected to vitriolic attacks since he came out Aug. 7 against the deal. Among those who fired back at Schumer, also a Jewish Democrat from New York, were former top Obama administration advisers Dan Pfeiffer, Jon Favreau and Tommy Vietor, who suggested that Democrats should replace him as their incoming Senate leader before next year.
The manners of Strongman Barack Obama.

Psychics' help finding missing people should not be ruled out, police officers told

The Telegraph

Amazon is testing changes that would make Prime less appealing


The Sharing Economy Comes to the Farm .As commodity prices tank, growers look to rent out their tractors


Free Trade and Its Enemies | Jeffrey M. Herbener

Flashback: FDR Puts 110,000 Japanese -Americans in Internment Camps

With Hillary Clinton claiming GOP candidates wanting to send illegals back in box cars : it time to look at the Democrat party hero that rounded up Japanese-Americans and put them in internment camps. The FDR library reports FDR signed an Executive Order forcing 110,000 Japanese-Americans from their homes into internment camps. FDR: hater of civil liberties, Japanese-Americans, and of course blacks.

Donald Trump rips into ‘sleazebag perv’ Anthony Weiner

The New York Post reports:
GOP frontrunner Donald Trump on Friday ripped longtime Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin and her hubby Anthony Weiner, calling the ex-Congressman a “perv” and a “sleazebag” during a speech in Boston.

Trump said that Abedin — whose first name he repeatedly mispronounced “Ooma” — worked closely with the former first lady and has access to classified information.

“And who is Huma married to?” Trump asked, according to The Hill. “One of the great sleazebags of our time, Anthony Weiner.”
There's more:
Though Trump said he knew Weiner “was a bad guy then,” he donated $2,000 to his campaign in 2010, the Website reported.
Donald had to pay the shakedown fee to operate in New York.