Monday, September 01, 2014

Home-Flipping Collapses in San Francisco, Losses Spread

Wolf Street

Uncovering Corruption in the Chicago Justice System: Bribery of Judges, Lawyers & Courts

Ex-Cook County flood relief program head, indicted in federal fraud case

LA's mayor proposed $13.25 an hour minimum wage

The San Francisco Chronicle

Democrats distancing themselves from President Obama as midterms approach

The New York Daily News

Super PAC Running Unorthodox Ads Tying Mark Pryor To ‘Extremist Liberals’

This is one of the most effective attack ads seen in a while.
The Daily Caller

Photos Of Pink Floyd’s ‘The Endless River’ Vinyl Master Surface Read More: Photos Of Pink Floyd's 'The Endless River' Vinyl Master Surface

Ultimate Classic Rock

Colleges Now Buying Special Insurance to Cover Campus Rape Scandals

College Insurrection

Money and Inflation with Lawrence Reed

Here is an excellent discussion on what is money. If you watched even the first 15 minutes.... you'd learn more than most college students learn .

Half of young women can't 'locate their vaginas'

The Telegraph reports:
Half of young British women don’t understand the basic anatomy of their vaginas, a study shows.

Out of 1,000 women surveyed, just half of those aged 26 to 35 could locate the vagina on a medical drawing of the female reproductive system.

In contrast, the majority of older women aged 66 to 75 were able to label their body parts on the diagrams.

The study, by women's cancer charity The Eve Appeal, also found that less than a quarter of women aged 16 to 25 didn’t feel “well informed” about gynaecological health issues.
Who says humans are getting smarter?

Al Franken Claims Republicans 'Don't Want Certain Americans to Vote' on Hmong TV


Los Angeles is largest manufacturing center in U.S., government says

The L.A. Times reports:
The largest manufacturing workforce in the country is based in the Los Angeles, Long Beach and Santa Ana metropolitan area, according to government figures.

As of July, the region had 510,900 manufacturing workers, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Producers in Chicago and the surrounding cities employ 408,100 workers; in New York, northern New Jersey and Long Island, there are 356,100 manufacturing workers.

Probably because of the Southland’s massive size and long history as a manufacturing base, companies there have far more workers on their payrolls than do similar businesses to the north.

Google Introduces Project Wing


Patrick Fitzgerald’s “not not denial” that he warned Blagojevich

Illinois Pay to Play

The 12 US Cities With The Hardest-Working People

The Business Insider

Ron Paul Defines Libertarianism - Charlie Rose Interview (Full)

Do Ivy educations lead to wealthy depressives?

The New York Post

Here’s Why Parents Should Worry About American Education

Wall St. Cheat Sheet reports:
Out of thirty-four OECD countries, the United States ranks near the very bottom in mathematics, in twenty-seventh place. The report notes hat this is a best estimate and America’s rank may be anywhere between twenty-third and twenty-ninth place. Reading and Science scores were close to average, somewhere between fourteenth and twentieth place for reading, and between seventeenth and twenty-fifth place for science, but with no real change or improvement shown in these scores. One rather telling result shows Shanghai, China’s best math scores two years ahead of students in Massachusetts, a U.S. state with high comparative math scores. What Can We Do?

“While the U.S. spends more per student than most countries, this does not translate into better performance. For example, the Slovak Republic, which spends around $53,000 per student, performs at the same level as the United States, which spends over $115,000 per student,” stated PISA’s report.

An indictment of the John Dewey sausage mindset in America.

Obama to press Congress on minimum wage boost

The Hill

Boogie Board Ban, Parking App Prohibition, and Old Sunscreen Labeling (Nanny of the Month, 8-14)

Obama Sued For Funding Terrorist Group Hamas

Nude Photos Of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton Released In Huge Leak

The Daily Caller

EXCLUSIVE POLL: Oberweis gaining on Durbin in U.S. Senate race

The Chicago Sun-Times

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Jeff Berkowitz Has an Education Success Story: Preston Kendall Talks to Jeff Berkowitz-The Catholic School Doing Wonders Attended By Poor Children Who Work At Corporations One Day A Week to Help Pay For Tuition

One Judge to Decide the Future of Detroit

The New York Times reports:
In a trial set to open in the federal courthouse here on Tuesday, nothing short of this city’s future is at stake.

If Judge Steven W. Rhodes approves a blueprint drawn up by Detroit officials to eliminate more than $7 billion of its estimated $18 billion in debts and to invest about $1.5 billion into the city’s now dismal services, it will mark the beginning of the end of the nation’s largest-ever municipal bankruptcy. The outcome will set this troubled city’s new course for the coming decades, perhaps longer.

In deciding whether the city’s plan is equitable, feasible and in the best interest of creditors, Judge Rhodes will send significant messages beyond Detroit about the rarely tested powers and limits of municipal bankruptcy, at a time when many cities are struggling with underfunded pensions, neglected infrastructure and declining industries.
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Municipal bankruptcy, known as Chapter 9, was designed to give creditors, and even judges, less power than Chapter 11 corporate bankruptcy does, but the law has never before been tested on this scale. Leaders of other cities will be watching closely, turnaround experts said, as the judge decides whether a city may shelter municipal retirees even as it imposes harsher losses on financial creditors; whether it can use bankruptcy to repudiate some capital-markets debts entirely; and whether a city in bankruptcy may avoid selling off valuable assets to raise money for its creditors, as Detroit hopes to do with its art collection.
History in the making. It's not like we didn't warn people in 2008 on this very subject.

Union chief mobilizes nurses to fight hospitals : The fiery activism of Communist Jill Furillo reinvigorates the labor group's push for job protections.

Crain's New York reports:
New York's biggest nurses union last week won a round in its fight to protect jobs at failing hospitals when a court temporarily stopped the state from transferring emergency services at Long Island College Hospital.

At issue: The union claimed LICH's unionized nurses were not being given priority for the few jobs that will be available when NYU Langone Medical Center takes over the site.

Leading that charge was Jill Furillo, a registered nurse whose activism has influenced her life, from an arrest protesting the Vietnam War and her membership in a Communist youth group, to labor union work and a controversial but successful fight to get California politicians to pass a law requiring greater nurse staffing.
Here's more from comrade Jill Furillo:
When Ms. Furillo was 25, she was an active member of the Young Workers Liberation League, a youth arm affiliate of the Communist Party USA, and an editor of its Young Worker publication. She wrote in 1975: "It is clear that for youth today, there is no real and meaningful future under capitalism. Capitalism means joblessness, racism and degeneracy."
Just a reminder, you're medical care must be "influenced" by comrade Furillo. How creepy is that?

Study: Citizens United elected more Republicans

The Washington Post reports:
The 2010 Supreme Court decision that helped usher in a new era of political spending gave Republicans a measurable advantage on Election Day, according to a new study.

The advantage isn’t large, but it is statistically significant: The researchers found the ruling, in Citizens United v. FEC, was associated with a six percentage-point increase in the likelihood that a Republican candidate would win a state legislative race.

And in six of the most affected states — Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, North Carolina, Ohio and Tennessee — the probability that a Republican would be elected to a state legislative seat increased by 10 percentage points or more.

In five other states — Colorado, Iowa, Texas, Wisconsin and Wyoming — Republican candidates were seven percentage points more likely to win.
An article well worth your time.

It's Settled: Central Banks Trade S&P500 Futures

Zerohedge reports:
Based on the unprecedented collapse in trading volumes of cash products over the past 6 years, one thing has become clear: retail, and increasingly, institutional investors and traders are gone, probably for ever and certainly until the Fed's market-distorting central planning ends. However, one entity appears to have taken the place of conventional equity traders: central banks.

Courtesy of an observation by Nanex's Eric Hunsader, we now know, with certainty and beyond merely speculation by tinfoil fringe blogs, that central banks around the world trade (and by "trade" we mean buy) S&P 500 futures such as the E-mini, in both futures and option form, as well as full size, and micro versions, in addition to the well-known central bank trading in Interest Rates, TSY and FX products.

In fact, central banks are such active traders, that the CME Globex has its own "Central Bank Incentive Program", designed to "incentivize" central banks to provide market liquidity, i.e., limit orders, by paying them (!) tiny rebates on every trade. Because central banks can't just print whatever money they need, apparently they need the CME to pay them to trade.
You can't have a market system with this kind of fraud.

Chutzpah: Reagan-Bashing Author Sued for Plagiarism Praises Plaintiff's Book In NY Times


Patricia Barber - light my fire .

Past 6 years have been a laboratory experiment in Keynesian economic theory. Result? It failed and is now officially dead

Carpe Diem

Another For-Profit College Bites The Dust

The Daily Caller reports:
Nearly 10,000 students across the country are facing an uncertain future following the sudden collapse of another for-profit college system this week.

After a summer which saw the dramatic collapse of Corinthian Colleges, fellow for-profit education company Anthem Education is rapidly closing its doors after the company filed for bankruptcy this week.

The bubble has burst.

Cook Political Report: why hasn’t the bottom dropped out on Democrats yet? The answer is: it already did.

Cook Political Report reports:
Despite dismal numbers for President Obama, a public deeply pessimistic about the direction of the country, and a Senate battleground based almost solely in red states, Republicans aren’t running up the score in Senate races, even in deep red states. Many are asking: why hasn’t the bottom dropped out on Democrats yet? The answer is: it already did.
There's more:
So, we should all stop waiting for that thunderbolt to descend from the sky that will declare a winner before November 4. Most important, Republicans don’t need a “wave” to win control of the Senate. They need to win just a little over half of the closest races.

Lewis Lehrman: The Rise and Fall of Real Money

The Black Book of the American Left: The Collected Conservative Writings of David Horowitz

Take a Gander at America’s Most Heavily Armed Counties. The Ones That Aren’t on the Map Might Surprise You

The Blaze

Liberal Columnist Gene Lyons: ' Supposedly, one in five women college students gets sexually assaulted. Never mind that if one in five Starbucks customers got molested, the chain would soon go out of business. It follows that nobody outside the Task Force really believes those numbers.'

Liberal columnist Gene Lyons exposes the fraud of the "rape culture" on campus:
isn't it odd that with violent crime rates dropping sharply everywhere, sexual assaults are supposedly metastasizing on campus?

Supposedly, one in five women college students gets sexually assaulted. Never mind that if one in five Starbucks customers got molested, the chain would soon go out of business. It follows that nobody outside the Task Force really believes those numbers. Alarming statistics are manufactured by including in the definition of “sexual assault” things like trying to steal a kiss or patting a girl on the fanny – ill-advised and boorish, but not normally a crime.
The "rape" that is going on in American universities is: the denial of the 4th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. You know , that document tenured Marxists don't want to live by.

America's Disappearing Jobs

The Huffington Post reports:
After the Great Recession, which cost millions of Americans their jobs, the U.S. labor market has begun to heal. So far this year the United States has added an average of nearly 230,000 jobs per month. In the 10 years through 2022, the BLS estimates that total employment will grow by more than 15 million jobs, or nearly 11%.

However, the outlook for some occupations is bleak. For example, the number of fallers — logging workers who cut down trees — is expected to decline by 43% between 2012 and 2022, the most of any occupation. Based on Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates and projections for more than 1,000 occupations for 2012 and 2022, 24/7 Wall St. identified America’s disappearing jobs.
Yet, some people want to speed up unemployment by raising the minimum wage.

Garth Brooks kicking off comeback tour at Allstate Arena

The Milwaukee Journal reports:
They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. In the case of Garth Brooks' comeback tour, which kicks off Thursday at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Ill., the figurative heart nearly exploded.

About 45 minutes before tickets went on sale July 25 for the concert, Brooks announced three additional shows. Due to demand, six more shows were added, and three hours later, all sold out: more than 160,000 combined tickets. An 11th show was recently added, for 10:30 p.m. Friday; tickets are still available.

"I'm not surprised at all," said Kerry Wolfe, program director for all six Clear Channel stations in Milwaukee, including top-rated country station WMIL-FM (106.1). "It's like Elvis coming back to touring."

Before a shocking retirement in 2001 (recently divorced, Brooks said he wanted to be a full-time dad), Brooks wasn't just the biggest country star; he was arguably the biggest star in music.

To date, he's the top-selling artist in Nielsen SoundScan history, selling 69.6 million albums since SoundScan started in 1991. Brooks has six of the 200 top-selling albums on the SoundScan charts, more than any other artist.
He's back.

Female coaches at Catholic school ‘had sex with students for years’

The New York Post

Biden fuels '16 talk with New Hampshire visit

The Hill reports:
Vice President Biden will head to New Hampshire next week for an event on the economy that is certain to intensify speculation that he is readying a bid for the presidential nomination in 2016.

Biden will be joined at the Wednesday event in Portsmouth by members of Congress, the White House said in a statement.

The attendees at the event could include Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.), who is locked in a tough reelection fight against former Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.). Shaheen did not meet with Biden during his last trip to the state, a fact that was highlighted by the state's GOP.

The gaffe master is coming... to New Hampshire.

Video: Sharyl Attkisson wants to know where the illegal immigrant children have gone

Hot Air

Chicago's Murderer’s Row: Slayings on 79th Street have some residents scared to go outside

The Chicago Sun-Times

At Risk in Senate, Democrats Seek to Rally Blacks

The New York Times

Skull and Bones Member David McCullough on John Adams

DOJ ‘Chokes’ Off Due Process

The Daily Caller on the fascist nature of Eric Holder's Justice Department.